Dibrugarh University - B.Com 6th Semester: Rural Marketing Syllabus

Marks: 80 Hours: 40
Objective : The objective of this course is to expose the students to the peculiarities of Rural Marketing in the Indian context.
Course Contents:

UNIT-I: Rural marketing: introduction- nature, scope and importance, evolution of rural marketing. Dynamics in rural marketing.                      20 : 10 hrs

UNIT-II: Rural marketing, environment, influence of geographical, economic, socio- cultural and others factors on marketing operation.                     20 : 10 hrs

UNIT-III: Segmentation of rural market, prerequisites for effective segmentation; approaches to rural segmentation and influence of it in rural marketing.                        20 : 10 hrs

UNIT-IV: Rural marketing strategies; product planning and product features for rural market. Distribution channels, Pricing issues and logistic issues in rural marketing.                      20 : 10 hrs

Text and Reference Books :
1. Mamoria C.B : Agricultural Marketing, Himalaya Publishing House, New Delhi.
2. Gopalaswamy T.P : Rural Marketing, Wheeler Publishers, New Delhi.
3. Cheema : Rural Marketing, DVS Publishers, Guwahati.
4. Krishnamacharymm, CSG: Rural Marketing, Pearson, New Delhi.
5. Kashyap: Rural Marketing. Pearson, New Delhi.

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