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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dibrugarh University - B.Com 6th Semester: Financial Services Syllabus

Marks: 80 Hours: 40
Objectives: The course aims to acquaint students with financial services and financial service providers.

Course Contents:
Unit-I: Credit Rating Services: Introduction: instruments under rating system; benefits; rating methodology; types of rating-cautions. Credit Rating Agencies in India.               20 : 10hrs

Unit-II: Lease financing and decisions, concept-types of leases; leasing decisions, evaluation of leases. (Nemericals)                      20 : 10hrs

Unit-II: Depository and custodial services: Depository- Introduction, concept, functioning of depository system; custodial services-meaning and functioning.                       20 : 10 hrs

Unit-IV: Portfolio management and venture capital: portfolio management-introduction, principles, venture capital-introduction, scope, steps to provide venture capital-mode of functioning.   20 : 10 hrs

Text and Reference Books:
1.Khan M.Y. & Jain P.K.: Financial Management-Text and Problems, Tata Mc. Graw Hill, New Delhi.
2.Merril Mary P. Financial Planning in the Bank; New Delhi.
3.Machiraju HR: Merchant Banking Principles and Practices: New Age International, New Delhi.
4.Pahwa H.P.S.: Project Financing: Bharat Law House, New Delhi.
5. Siddaiah: Financial Services, Pearson, New Delhi.
6. Suresh: Management of Banking and Financial Services, Pearson, New Delhi.


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