Dibrugarh University - B.Com 6th Semester: Compensation Management Syllabus

Marks: 80 Hours: 40
Objective : The objective of this course is to acquaint students about the effective management of Compensation Policies, Strategies and Systems.

Course Contents:
Unit –I: Introduction to Compensation Management-Meaning, Definitions, Objectives, Principles, Importance. Wage Payment-Essentials of a sound Wage Plan.                         20 : 10 hrs

Unit-II: Foundation of Compensation Management-Theories of Compensation- Economic and Behavioural, Compensation Strategies, factors influencing Compensation Management, Inter and Intra Industry Compensation Differentials, Compensation differentials at Individual Level.                         20 : 10 hrs

Unit-III: Compensation Planning: Level, Structure and Systems Decisions. Process of Designing Compensation System. Components of Compensation. Role and Functions of Wage Boards and Pay Commissions.       20 : 10 hrs

Unit-IV: Performance linked Compensation: Concept of performance Management. Meaning, Definitions and Approaches to Performance Appraisal. Pay-for-performance Programme. Incentives-Meaning, Definitions, Types, Characteristics of effective Incentive Plans.                          20 : 10 hrs

Text and Reference Books:
1. Dev Tapomoy: Compensation Management, Text and Cases, (2009; EXCEL BOOKS, New Delhi-110 028.
2. Bhattacharya M.S. :Compensation Management ; EXCEL BOOKS New Delhi-110 028.
3. Singh B.D.: Compensation and Reward Management ; EXCEL BOOKS, New Delhi-110 028.
4. Richard Henderson: Compensation Management: Rewarding Performance.

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