Principle of Business Management May' 2018 | Dibrugarh University (2nd Semester)

[Principles of Business Management, Dibrugarh University, B.Com 2nd Sem, Question Papers, Semester Exam, May' 2018]

2018 (May)
Commerce (General/Speciality)
Course Code: 204
Time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 80
1. Answer the following questions:
a)         Who is the author of the book, General and Industrial Management?                    1
b)         Write the name of one major proponent of Traditional or Classical theory of management.1
c)          Which concept of management reduces the workload of a manager?                1
d)         What is meant by ‘efficiency’ in management?                                        1
e)         Which function of management establishes authority / responsibility relationship?      1
f)          Name the first step in the process of ‘managerial control’.                         1
g)         Give two examples of positive motivation in motivating employees.                2

2. Answer briefly any four of the following questions:          4x4=16
a)         Write the advantages of line and staff organization.
b)         What kind of role does a good plan play in business management?
c)          What are the limitations of planning?
d)         What are the essential requirements of an effective control system?
e)         Write a short note on Frederick Herzberg’s theory of motivation.

3. (a) Briefly discuss the nature and significance of business management.         7+7=14
(b) Critically evaluate the ‘contingency approach’ of management.           14

4. (a) What is meant by ‘decision-making’? Explain the role of decision-making in business management.      4+10=14
(b) Explain the meaning and process of ‘Management by Objectives’ (MBO).           4+10=14

5. (a) What is ‘span of management’? Briefly discuss the factors determining the span of management.   4+10=14
(b) Describe the nature and process of organizing.     7+7=14
6. (a) “Planning without control is meaningless and control without planning is a waste.” Judge the authenticity of the statement.                                                         14
(b) Define leadership. Discuss the qualities of a good leader.     4+10=14

Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
1. Answer the following questions as directed:
a)         Write the full form of POSDCORB.        1
b)         Centralization is same with decentralization.        1          (Write True or False)
c)          Authority can be delegated, but _____ cannot be delegated.       1          (Fill in the blank)
d)         Who proposed the ‘need theory’ of motivation?        1
e)         Give the meaning of ‘authority’.            1
f)          _____ is determination of future courses of action.  1          (Fill in the blank)
g)         State two limitations of planning.         2

2. Write short notes on (any four):          4x4=16
a)         Significance of organizing.
b)         Process of decision-making.
c)          Bases of departmentation.
d)         Planning premises.
e)         Importance of managerial control.
3. (a) How would you define the term ‘business management’? Explain its significance.          4+7=11
(b) Evaluate the contribution made by Henry Fayol to the growth of management thought.     11

4. (a) Define planning. Describe its significance.                4+7=14
(b) Discuss the meaning and advantages of ‘management by objectives.’            4+7=11

5. (a) What do you mean by ‘span of management’? Explain its significance.              4+7=11
(b) Discuss the meaning and process of organizing.       4+7=11

6. (a) Write an explanatory note on ‘motivation’.                                              11
(b) Discuss the qualities of a good leader.           11

7. (a) Discuss in detail the steps involved in a control process.                     12
(b) Explain the features of a good control system.         12

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