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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Human Resource Management I

105 (M): Human Resource Management I
Marks: 80
UNIT-I: Nature and scope of HRM                                                            20
Concept and scope of HRM, Evolution and growth of HRM in India, Significance, Functions and challenges of HRM; status and qualities of HR Managers; objectives of Human Resource policies; Kaizen, TQM and Six Sigma.
UNIT-II: Recruitment and Placement                                                      20
Concept of recruitment, process of recruitment, sources of recruitment, Advantages and disadvantages of internal and external sources, Factors affecting recruitment policies and programmes; selection procedure, difference between selection and recruitment, Essential of a good selection policy, Types of tests and interviews, concepts of placement and induction.
UNIT-III: Job Evaluation & Wage and Salary Administration:       20
Job Evaluation- Meaning, definition, objectives, advantages, limitations and methods, Essential for the success of job evaluation programme.
Wage and Salary Administration: Objectives, Factor influencing wage and salary levels, methods of wage payments, wage policy in India. Incentive Plans: Meaning, Essentials of good incentive plans; meaning, features, objectives and types of fringes benefits.

UNIT-IV: Emerging Horizons in HRM                                                      20
Impact of Globalization on HRM, concept of virtual organization, distinction between traditional and virtual organization, types of virtual organizations, Human Resource Management issues in a virtual organization, virtual and learning organization; Distinction between Domestic and International HRM, Basic steps involved in International Human Resource activities, Repatriation, Workforce diversity, Downsizing, Exit Interview.
Suggested Books:
Human Resource Management by Pattanayak, PHI, Learning Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
Innovation in Human Resource Management by Sistare, PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
Human Resource Management by K. Aswathappa, The McGraw Hill Companies.
Training and Development, Concepts and Practices, S.K. Bhatia, Deep & Deep Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, P.C. Tripathe, Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi.
Human Resource Management, Ashima Sharma Borah & Hem Baruah; Kalyani Publisher.

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