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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Micro Credit Institutions

205 (F): Micro Credit Institutions
Total Marks = 80
Unit-I: Micro Finance Approach                                                                                                20
Micro Finance -meaning and concept, significance, basic features. Emerging micro finance institutions, its role in rural development, Formation of NGO-Self Help Group (SHG)- definition, objectives and salient features, Types of NGOs, Merits and demerits, Role of SHG in rural development, SHG linkage with rural banking and emerging trends in rural finance, Models of micro finance.
Unit-II: R.B.I. and Rural Finance                                                                                                20
RBI- its role in policy formation towards rural credit, need and policy for rural finance. Coordinating role of RBI among different financial agencies in India. RBI’s regulation of money lending activities for rural sector. Regulatory role, NEDFI, RGBN, their role in micro finance.
Unit-III :Present Structure of Institutional Finance for Rural Development          20
NABARD – historical background, its role and activities in rural finance, SBI and its role in rural finance, Commercial bank and rural finance, Regional Rural Banks (RRB)- their salient features and role in rural development. Changing scenario of RRBs –reorientation of RRBs; functions of Assam Gramin Vikash Bank.

Unit-IV: Rural Development Approach                                                                  20
Rural development-meaning and definition, emerging trends in rural development programmes in India. Different rural development programmes-REGP,PMRY,NREGA-their role in rural development. Peoples’ participation and involvement of banks in rural development policies. Government policies, for rural development, fiscal incentives.
Suggested Books:
Banking in India-Panandikar (revised by Mithani)
N.G.O.- Good Books Distributors Publishers, 31, Chowringhee Road, Kolkata-6.
Rural Banking in India- S.S.M. Desai
Banking and Financial System – Vasant Desai, Himalaya Publishing House
Theory of Banking – S.V. Vasudevan, S. Chand & Co.
Micro-Finance: Perspectives and Operations – Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, MacMillan Publishers, New Delhi
Micro Finance - Dr. Vinod Kumar, Laxmi Publications, New Delhi.
Monthly Bulletins And Annual Reports of R.B.I.
Publications of Indian Bank Association (I B A).

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