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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Modern Banking Services

603: Modern Banking Practices
Marks: 80
Unit-I:                                                             15
Bank- Definition, Origin and Development of Modern Banking, Types of Banks- Commercial Vs. Investment Bank- Universal Banking, Unit Banking, Scheduled Vs. Non- scheduled Banks, Public Vs. Private Sector Banks, Branch Banking, retail banking and Chain Banking, Functions of a Modern Commercial Banks.
Unit-II:                                                            15
Bank Balance Sheet: Bank Assets- cas, Money at Call and Short Notices, Investment, Bill Discounted, Loans, and Cash Credit, Bills Receivables, Fixed Assets; Bank Liabilities- Capital, Reserves and Surpluses, Deposits, Borrowings, Contingent Liabilities, Bills for collection, Bills of Acceptance and Guarantee.
Unit-III:                                                          15
Banker Customer Relationship- Definition of banker and customer, types of customers, accounts of individuals- minors, illiterate person, joint account; accounts of partnership firm and companies; general precautions in opening and operating accounts.
Unit-IV:                                                           20
Bank Operations: Opening of a bank account, Know Your Customer guidelines, Negotiable Instruments(NIs)- Definition, characteristics of NIs, types of NIs, holders in due course, payment in due course, crossing of cheques, honour and dishonour of cheques; protection to paying and collecting banker.
Unit-V:                                                           15
Credit Management - Principles of Bank Lending, Types of Loans,Retail Credit and Business Credit, Credit Process , Recovery and NPA Management,Security against Bank Loan.
Suggested Books:
Commercial Bank Management- Jagroop Singh, Kalyani Publishers.
Principles of Banking- Indian Institute of Banking , Macmillan.
Basics of Banking, Indian Institute of Banking, Taxmann.
Banking Theory and Practice- K C Sekhar and L. Sehar, Vikas Publishing House
Principles of Banking Management- Neelam C.Gulati, Excel Books.

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