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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Rural and Micro Finance

105 (F): Rural and Micro Finance
Total Marks = 80
(Four Units)
Unit-1: Rural Environment                                                                                          20
Environment-definition, ideas of rural environment, meaning of rural environment, composition and characteristics of rural economy in India- comparison with urban, Place of agriculture in Indian economy, population structure in India. Forest resources in India with special reference to NE India.
Unit-II: Rural industries                                                                                                                20
Meaning and definition - its role in Indian economy, different forms of rural industries- cottage and village industries, agro processing, handicrafts, hadlooms etc, their problem and prospects, government policy for rural industries; Urban-rural linkage and inter-dependence. Concept of micro finance in rural areas; forms and types of micro credit

Unit-III: Rural Finance-its Sources                                                                            20
Sources of rural finance; institutional sources, private sources, private money lenders; Rural indebtedness-Nature, causes, consequences, extent and magnitude of rural indebtedness, solution to the problem of rural indebtedness, Government policies. Ideas and problems of rural credit survey, pre and post independence rural credit survey of India. Indigenous banker and money lender- historical background, their types, distinction and practices, their role in providing rural credit. RBI Policy on rural credit, bank credit to rural sector.
Unit-IV: Co-operation                                                                                                   20
Origin of co-operative movement, meaning and philosophy of co-operation. Co-operative movement in India, its weaknesses and different forms. Agencies for short and long term agricultural finance- FSS, PACCS, GPSS, LDB, NABARD, and their role in rural development.
Suggested Books:
Rural Banking in India- S.S.M. Desai
Rural Banking in India -edited by Tokhi & Sharma
S.H.G. Resource Hand Book -NABARD, Assam Regional Office, Guwahati
Rural Economics ( A survey of Indian Economy)- T.N. Chabra & P.L.Taneja
Rural industrialization-Bipin Behari
A tract on Money- R.N. Mitra & H. Roy
Rural and Agricultural Banking – P.S.Grewal

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