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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Web Designing (E-Com)

405: Web Designing (E-Com)
Mark: 80
Unit-1: Introduction to Data base Management System                                                25
Overview of DBMS, Database languages, advantages of DBMS, different architecture of DBMS, ER-diagram, different keys, Integrity constraints, functional dependencies and normalization (upto 3rd normal form), introduction to relational algebra and SQL.
Unit-2: Weaving the web                                                                                            15
Introduction to Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML), and Extensible Markup Language (XML) to create web pages, Moving from HTML to XHTML, XHTML element structure, style sheets, using JavaScript to display to XML, introduction to XML DOCTYPES and their uses, XML in web publishing environment.
Unit-3: Imaging Technologies for Web Publishing                                           25
Image file formats, creating low bandwidth graphics, using color, browser-safe colors, imaging transparency, creating graphical navigation tools, scanning techniques, creating small animations, image mapping, using scalable vector graphics (SVG), and graphical layout and alignment. Fundamentals of creating dynamic, interactive web pages: An introduction to Active Server Pages (ASP) technology, ASP syntax, and introduction to VB Script, the request, response, server, application, and session objects, working component, and connecting databases to ASP pages.
Unit -4 : Web Services (WS)                                                                                       25
Different implementation Techniques of WS, Dot-Net-Based Initiatives, Java-Based WS Initiative J2EE, Comparison of Dot-Net base and XML bas WS initiatives. The performance, efficiency, scalability, power, time-to-Market features, the portability etc., support of both the techniques for existing systems, The migration from previous platform of both the techniques.
Suggested Readings:
Web. Design, The Complete reference, Second Edition- Thomas A. Powel, Tata McGraw Hill.
The HTML 4.0 Source book –Ian Graham, John Wiley
The XML Specification Guide- Ian Graham and Lian Quin, John Wiley.
The EHTML 1.0 Web Development Source bokk –Jhon Wiley and Sons.
Web Services Security –Mark O’Neill, et al. Tata McGraw Hi

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