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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Management Accounting

205: (A) Management Accounting
Total Marks : 80
Unit-I : Concept of Management Accounting                                                                      20
Meaning, Nature, scope and functions, Role of management accounting in decision making process, Management Accounting Vs financial accounting, different tools and techniques of management accounting, Use of accounting information for management purpose. Application of computer in Management decision making process.
Unit - II : Marginal Costing                                                                                                           20
Meaning and definition of marginal cost and marginal costing, Assumptions of marginal costing, Cost volume profit analysis, Break Even analysis, managerial application of marginal costing, advantages and disadvantages of marginal costing.
Unit-III: Budget and Budgetary Control                                                                                 20
Meaning of budget and budgetary control; Objectives, merits and limitations of budgetary control; Installation of budgetary control system; Classification of budgets according to time, function and flexibility; Preparation of budget (flexible budget and cash budget only);

Unit - IV : Standard costing and Variance Analysis                                                            20
Meaning of standard cost, standard costing, Advantages and application of standard costing, Distinction between standard costing and budgetary control. Variance Analysis - material, labour and overheads.
Suggested Books:
Principles of Management Accounting - Anthony, Robert & Recee.
Management Accounting - R. K. Sharma & S. K. Gupta, Kalyani Publishers, Ludhiana.
Financial Statement Analysis - S. Sikidar & H. C. Gautam
Management Accounting - M. Y. Khan & P. K. Jain, Tata McGrow Hill Co.
Advanced Management Accounting - R. S. Kaplan & A. A. Atkinson.
Management and Cost Accounting –Shashi K. Gupta & R.K. Sharma, Kalyani Publishers.
Cost Accounting –Bhabotosh Banerjee –Prentice Hall of India.

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