Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Financial Institutions & Markets

306: Financial Institutions & Markets
Marks: 80
UNIT-I:                                                                                                                 20
Financial system- concept –nature and role of financial system; structure of financial system, structure of financial system –overview financial markets; financial institutions; instruments and services –financial system and economic development –relationships between financial and economic development.
UNIT-II:                                                                                                                                20
Financial institutions –Banking institutions –commercial banks –commercial banking operations banks –Salient features of the operation of Co-operative banks –weaknesses of cooperative banks; Development banks –specific features –Harmonisation of commercial banks and development banks. Non-banking financial companies graft development in India.
UNIT-III:                                                                                                               20
Financial markets –types –Money Market characteristics –participants –functions; capital market- Nature and role –Functions –Distinction between capital market and money market. Primary market –Secondary Market –Operational mechanism of capital market.
UNIT-IV:                                                                                                              20
Regulatory Framework in Financial system –regulatory role of RBI, SEBI, securities contract & Regulation Act 1956.
Suggested Readings:
Financial Institutions and Markets, by LM Bhole; Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi
Financial Institution and Market and Markets, Bharati Pathak, Pearson Education, New Delhi.
Money Market Operations in India, A.K. Sengupta and M.K. Agarwal, Skylark Publications, New Delhi.
Indian Financial System- Theory & Practice- M.Y. Khan, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.

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