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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Introduction to E-Commerce

105: Introduction to E-Commerce
Marks: 80
UNIT-I                                                                                                                   20
Introduction; New economy- economics of the Web, technology and business integration introduction to networks, Server- client machine and OS, business servers- mail applications, proxy, entertainment, ISP, e-banking, application of e-commerce.
UNIT-II                                                                                                                 35
E-Business Structure; (basics only) protocols, VoIP, wireless. 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth WiFi, WiMax, Webpages, Portals of Business, Web Salesmanship, Network Business Management- online trading, advertising on the network- Web Billboards, the ‘Hit’ Theory, Intellectual property for sale, Technology Supported Business Models, and Mechanisms- B2C, B2B, C2B, C2C, Auctions (Vickrey, English, First Price, Dutch, Yankee), Winner’s Curse Agents; Brokering, Filtering, Recommending, Negotiating ‘Bots’; Money spinning on the Internet; Personalization, & Customization, Online Communities, Customer Support, Supply Chain Management, Organizing and Implementing Internet Marketing Plans, Moore, Metcalfe, Negroponte’ Laws, E-Lancing, Virtual Organisations, Telecommuting, Dynamic pricing, Reserve auctions, Affiliate and Viral Marketing, Business Model Patents.

UNIT-III                                                                                                                                25
E-Commerce network and Business Security; Privacy, Security, Legal and Taxation Issues, Credit card, Secure Transmission, Internal Security of telephony, E-Mail Security; Remote business marketing- product transportation and storage, Business transition of product- UPS backbone, Language filters, Understanding the foreign market, Search engine operation; Globalisation of E-Commerce.
Suggested Books:
E-Commerce-A Managerial Perspective by P.T. Joseph, Prentice Hall of India.
Electronic Commerce-A Manager’s Guide by Ravi Kalakoti and Andew B. Whinston, Pearson Education, New Delhi.
E-Commerce Logistics & Fulfillment by DeborahL. Bayles, Pearson Education, New Delhi.
Electronic Commerce Greenstein & Feinman, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.

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