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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Fundamentals of Insurance

101: Fundamentals of Insurance
Marks: 80
UNIT-I: Introduction                                                                                                       16
Definition & Nature of insurance; origin & development of insurance, history of insurance in India, kinds of insurance, principles of insurance, importance of insurance, insurance and wagering agreement.
UNIT-II; Life Insurance                                                                                                  16
Definition of life insurance, features, benefits of life insurance, procedure for taking life insurance policy, kinds of life insurance policy, nomination, assignment and surrender value, revival of lapsed policy, settlement of claims at death and maturity, items of revenue heads in life insurance company.
UNIT-III; General Insurance                                                                                        16
Development of general insurance in India, Fire insurance- need, procedure of taking fire insurance policy, procedure of settlement of claims under fire insurance, double insurance, re-insurance; marine insurance- types of marine insurance policy, settlement of claims in marine insurance; miscellaneous insurance- motor insurance, personal accident insurance, livestock insurance, crop insurance, employees liabilities insurance, burglary insurance, preparation of revenue account of fire, land, marine insurance company.

UNIT-IV; Insurance Organizations                                                                            16
Organizational structure- public sector insurance organizations in India, LICI, objectives and achievements, GIC- mission, organization, functions, private sector insurance organizations in India, insurance ombudsman.
UNIT-V; Insurance Intermediaries                                                                           16
Insurance Agent; meaning, procedure for becoming and insurance agent, functions of an insurance agent, rights of an insurance agent, termination of an insurance agent, essentials for successful insurance salesman. Surveyors and loss assessors, brokers, third party administrators, bank assurance.
Suggested Books/Readings:
Principles of Insurance and Risk Management Alkamittal, S.l. Gupta, Sultan Chand & Sons.
Insurance and Risk Management, Dr. P.K. Gupta, Himalaya Publishing House.
Insurance Principles and Practice, M.N. Mishra, S.B. Mishra, S. Chand.
Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance Marks S. Dortman, Pearson Education.
Principles and Practice of Insurance M.Motihar, Sharda Pustal Bhawan, Allahabad.
Insurance –Principles and Practice –Indrajit Singh, Rakesh Katyal, Sanjay Arora –Kalyani Publishers.
Fundamentals of Insurance –Principles and Practice –Dr. S. Sikidar, Dr. P.K. Nath, Dr. G. Nath –Abhilekh, Guwahati.
Principles and Practice of Insurance –G.S. panda –Kalyani Publishers.
IRDA Act. 1999.
Principles & Practice of Insurance, Insurance Institute of India, Mumbai.

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