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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Communicative and Functional English I

Total Marks: 80
Time span: 2nd Semester (6 months)
UNIT – 1                                                                                                                               16
1. Basic of Communication:
Meaning and Nature of Communication:
Objectives of Communication
Theory and Models of Communication
Dimensions of Communication
Communication Network
Media of Communication.
UNIT – 2                                                                                                                               16
The Essentials of Effective Communication

Self Development and Communication
Non-verbal forms of communication
UNIT – 3                                                                                                                               16
Group Communication
Barriers to Communication
UNIT – 4                                                                                                                               16
(a) Business Correspondence
Different kinds of business letters
Intra-Organizational Correspondence
External Communication
UNIT – 5                                                                                                                               16
(a) Use of English for Effective Business Communication
Suggested Books
Communication for Business – Shirley Taylor, Pearson Education.
Model Business Letters, E-mails and other Business Shirley Taylor,
Modern Business Communication, Dr .Prakash M.Herekar, Modern Publishing Delhi
Business Communication Today, Bovee Thill Schatzman
Business Communication, Neeru Vashisth, Namita Rajput.
Business Communication – Randall E. Magros, Horper and Row, New Delhi.
Business Communication – Kaul, Prentice Hall, New Delhi.
Communication Competence in Business English – Robinson, Orient Longman Hyderabad.
Essentials of Communication- Patri V.R. Greenspan publications, New Delhi.
Priciples of Business, Communication –Ronald, E Dyulck and John S. Tielder, Macmillan Publishing Co., New London.

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