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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Business Organization & Entrepreneurship Development

103: Business Organization & Entrepreneurship Development
Marks: 80
Part-A (Business Organization)
UNIT-I                                                                                                   14
MNC’S – features, forms, advantages and limitations, Joint sector – features and importance. Franchising – forms, merits, demerits. Micro enterprise – small, medium enterprise – concept of virtual & learning organization.
UNIT-II                                                                                                 12
Business combinations; causes, types, forms; merger and acquisition policies in India. Setting up a new enterprise; site selection, location theories, (Max Weber & Sargent Florence), size of business unit, optimum firm, survival of small business.
UNIT-III                                                                                               14
Production, productivity, and rationalization; Meaning and scope of Production Management, production planning process, and quality control; Productivity – meaning, factors influencing productivity, causes of low productivity; Rationalization – meaning, aims and objectives, benefits, and limitations.
Part-B (Entrepreneurship Development)
UNIT-IV                                                                                                  14
Entrepreneurship- meaning, concepts of entrepreneurship. Nature of entrepreneurship, functions and significance of entrepreneurship, qualities of an entrepreneur, entrepreneurial types of and entrepreneurial theories, (social, economic & psychological), creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

UNIT-V                                                                                                    14
Promotion of a new venture; Environmental analysis, stages in promotion of new ventures, legal formalities, and documents, sources of funds; Venture capital – concepts & types, venture capital finance in India. Entrepreneurship education and training; EDP’S – concept, objectives and importance, selection of trainees, target groups. Course contents in EDP, measurement of effectiveness of EDP, institutions involved in promotion of EDP.
UNIT-VI                                                                                                     12
Role of entrepreneurs in socio-economic development; Role of entrepreneurs in export promotion, and import substitution; introduction, entrepreneurial performance and growth. Role of government in entrepreneurship development.
Suggested Books:
Business Organization and Management, by P.C. Tulsian, Vishal Pandey, Pearson Education.
Business Organization and Management by Jagadish Prakash, Kitab Mahal.
International Business Text and Cases, Francis Cherunilam Prentice Hall of India.
Entrepreneurial Development, S.S. Khanka, S. Chand & Sons.
Entrepreneurial Development Small Business Enterprises by Poornzma M. Charantimath, Pearson Education.
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management M.B. Shukla, Kitab Mahal.
Business Organisation & Entrepreneurship Development- Sarkar, Sharma, Gupta – M/S Kalyani Publications.
Entrepreneurship, Robert D Hisrich & Michael P. Peters –Tata McGraw Hill Edition.
Entrepreneurship New Venture Creation –David H. Holt –Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication –Vasant Desai &Urmila Rai, Himalaya Publishing House.

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