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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Business Environment

501: Business Environment
Mark: 80
UNIT-I :                                                                                                                                10
Business Environment: Concept, Components and importance. Indian Business Environment.
UNIT-II:                                                                                                                                10
Economic trends (overview): National Income, sector wise analysis.
UNIT-III:                                                                                                               10
Problems of Growth: Unemployment; Poverty; Regional Imbalances; Social injustice; Inflation; parallel economy.
UNIT-IV :                                                                                                             15
Role of Government: Monetary and Fiscal Policies in India: Role of Private Sector; The current five year plan: Major Objectives, Strategies, Policies.
UNIT-V :                                                                                                               20
International Environment: International trading environment (overview); Trends in world trade and problems of developing countries; Foreign trade and economic growth; International/Regional economic institutions; SAFTA, SAARC, ASEAN India’s current trade balance of payment scenario.
UNIT-VI :                                                                                                             15
Problems and prospects of the industry in Assam, Brief study of the tea industry, paper industry, food processing industry, silk industry and bell metal industry; tourism industry.
Suggested Books:
Swabera Islam & Kharkongor; Business Environment, Taxman’s Publication, New Delhi.
S.K. Misra, V.K. Puri; Indian Economy, Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai.
Deepashree, Indian Economy, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.
Rnddar Dutta and KPM Sundaram, S. Chand & Co. Ltd., New Delhi.
A.N. Agarwal, Indian Economy, New Delhi

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