Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Indirect Taxation

403: Indirect Taxation
Marks: 80
Unit I: Central Sales Tax Act, 1956, (CST Act 1956)                                             20
Enactment of the Act; Nature and Scope of the Act; Administration of Central Sales Tax Act; Essential features of the Act; Terms and definitions under the Act-Appropriate state; Dealer; goods, declared goods, place of Business, sale, Turnover, circumstances leading to the levy of CST, Features of Inter-state sales, Factors influencing the determination of tax, Registration under the CST Act and its advantages, procedure of payment of Central Sales Tax.
Unit II: The Central Excise  Act 1944                                                                         20
Brief history of Central Excise, Nature of Excise Duty, Basic requirements for levy of Central Excise, Important terms and definitions under the Central Excise Act, Excisable goods; Factory, Manufacture and Manufacturer, Sale and purchase, Wholesale Dealer, Free Trade Zone, Special Economic Zone, Hundered Percent Export Oriented undertaking, persons requiring registration and exemption from registration, Procedure of registration and documents to be furnished therewith.
Unit III: The Customs Act 1962                                                                                   20
Brief history of custom Duty Important terms and definitions under the Custom Act – Bill of Entry, Bill of Export, Supplying Bill, Coastal Goods, Dutiable Goods, Prohibited Goods, Export Goods Imported Goods, Tariff value, Types of custom Duties, Procedure of clearance of Imported Goods.
Unit IV: Value Added Tax and Assam Value Added Tax Act (Assam VAT Act.)                      20
Origin of VAT, Meaning, Features, Advantages of VAT, Goods covered under VAT, objectives of Assam VAT Act, procedure of registration, Persons requiring registration under Assam VAT Act, Person liable to tax under Assam VAT Act., Rates of VAT, Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN), Input Tax, Input Tax Credit, Non-applicability of VAT and Sales not liable to tax under VAT, Prescribed Tax Authority
Suggested Books:
B.B. Das, Ramen Barman, B.J. Bora, Taxation & Auditing, Guwahati-5
Datey V.S., Indirect Taxes, Taxmann, New Delhi.
Mahesh Ch. Purohit, VAT, Gyan Publication, New Delhi.
P.S. Shome, VAT.
V. Balachandran, Indirect Taxes, Sultan Chand & Sons.
Ankit Todi; Assam VAT, Ashoke Publishing House, Guwahati.

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