Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Regulatory Framework of Business - I

504: Regulatory Framework of Business – I
Marks: 80
UNIT-1 A : INDIAN CONTRACT ACT 1872                                                30
Contract: meaning, essentials of a valid contract, types of contract.
Offer and acceptance: - rules regarding offer, communication, and revocation of offer and acceptance.
Consideration: - legal requirements regarding considerations, validity of agreement without consideration.
Capacity of parties to contract, free consent, legality of object and consideration, agreements declared void.
Performance of contract; termination and discharge of contracts
Breach of contract: - remedies, damages
B: SPECIAL CONTRACT                                                                                   15
Contingent and quasi contracts; Indemnity and guarantee; Bailment and pledge; Agency.
UNIT II: SALE OF GOODS ACT 1930                                                            15
Essentials of a contract of sales; sale distinguished from agreements to sell, bailment, contract for work and labour and hire purchase; Goods and their classification; price; conditions warranties; Transfer of property in goods; doctrine of caveat-emptor; performance of contract of sale; unpaid seller- his rights against goods and the buyers; sale by auction.
UNIT III: ASSAM CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES ACT, 1949                      20
Introduction, Registration of Societies, Rights and liabilities of members of registered societies, Management, Duties of Registered Society, Privileges of Registered Societies,
Property and Funds of Registered Societies, Audit, Inquiry and Inspection, Settlement of Disputes, Dissolution of Society, Recovery of sums due and enforcement of obligations.
Suggested Books:
Rohini Agarwal: Mercantile & Commercial Law, Taxman, New Delhi.
N.D. Kalpoor, Elements of Mercantile Law, Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi.
V.S. Datey, Students’ Guide to Mercantile Law, Taxmann, New Delhi.
M.C. Kuchhal, Business Law, Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi.
P.R. Chandha, Business Law, Galgotia, New Delhi.

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