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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Financial Management

503: Financial Management
Mark: 80
Unit-I :                                                                                                                  15
Introduction: Nature, objective and scope of financial management, financial goals, profit vs. wealth maximization, finance functions.
Unit-II:                                                                                                                 20
Financing decision: Operating and financial leverage, meaning and measurement of degree of leverage; capital structure- meaning- overcapitalization, undercapitalization; factors determining capital structure, cost of capital.
Unit-III :                                                                                                               15
Investment decision; capital budgeting process, pay back period, ARR, IRR, NPV & Profitability index.
Unit-IV :                                                                                                               15
Working capital management –meaning and nature of working capital, determinants of working capital; determination of working capital requirement.
Unit-V :                                                                                                                                15
Dividend Decision- Factors determining dividend policies.
Suggested Books:
Bhabatosh Banerjee, Financial Management, PHI India Pvt. Ltd.
I.M. Pandey, Financial Management, Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi.
R.P. Rustagi, Basic Financial Management, Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi.
Khan & Jain, Financial Management, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.
V. Sharan, Fundamentals of Financial Management, Pearson Education, New Delhi.

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