Gauhati University B.Com Syllabus: Internet & World Wide Web

306: Internet & World Wide Web
Marks: 80
Unit - I : Introduction to Internet                                                              10
Internet - basics, architecture, components; Growth of Internet, Owners of the Internet, Anatomy of Internet, ARPANET, Internet history of the World Wide Web, Basic Internet Terminology, Net Etiquette.
Unit - II: Internet Applications                                                                   15
Commerce on the Internet, Governance on the Internet, Impact of Internet on society- Crime on/ through the Internet.
Unit - III : Internet Technology and Protocols (Basics)                     15
Internet protocols - TCP/IP, IP address and its format, TCP/IP based packages, SLIP, PPP; Network and Network Devices - Network architecture, Ethernet, FDDI, ATM : Characteristics of Local Area Network & Wide Area Network - Topology, Protocols and media, Implementation, Transmission, Access method and technologies, Addressing in Internet - DNS, Domain Name and their organization, Understanding the Internet protocol address; Client Server Concepts - Architecture and applications.
Unit - IV : World Wide Web                                                                       15
Getting connected - Items needed to connect, Levels of Connectivity, types of connectivity, Commercial consideration; Evolutions of www, Basic features, www Browsers, www Servers, HTTP, Universal Resource Locator (URL), Search Engines and their categories, searching criterion, www and Hypertext
Unit - V : Applications of the Web                                                           25
Browsers - Basic features, Bookmarks, History, Progress indicators, Customization of browsers, Saving and printing web pages, Netscape Communicator, Internet Explorer.
E-mail – E-mail Networks and Servers, E-mail protocols - SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, MIME6; Structure of an E-Mail: E-mail Address, E-mail Header, Body, Attachment.
File transfer protocol - Introduction to FTP and Terminology, FTP Servers and Authentication, Line Mode FTP and Common commends, GUI Based FTP clients, Browser Based FTP Clients.
Telnet - Introduction to Telnet, Establishing Telnet connection, Using Telnet with Netscape, Telnet Protocol, Terminal Emulation, User Authentication, Video Conferencing through Internet.
User and Internet Relay, Chat-Usenet : Its components, News Groups, Searching and subscribing to News Groups, News Servers, Concept of chatting and IRC, Client Software for chat, Chat Servers, Smiley.
Suggested Readings:

The Complete Reference to Internet –M.L. Young, Tata McGraw Hill, 2002
Agarwala Kamlesh N. & Agarwala Deeksha –Bridge to the Online Storefront; Macmillan India, New Delhi.
Agarwala Kamlesh N. & Agarwala Deeksha –Fatal Click: What to do when viruses seize your computer; Macmillan India, New Delhi.
Phillips Lee Anne –Practical HTML 4; Prentice Hall, New Delhi.
Douglas E. Comer –The Internet Book; Prentice Hall, New Delhi.
Minoli Daniel, Minoli Emma –Web Commerce Technology Handbook; Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.

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