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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: E.Commerce

4.23 E-COMMERCE Total Marks: 80
Unit-I: Introduction to E-Commerce: Emergence of E-Commerce, different business models, E-business model based on relationship of transaction types- Brokerage Model, Aggregator Model, Infomediary model, community model, value chain model; scope and promises of E-commerce, future of E-commerce. 10

Unit-II: Technology in E-commerce: Introduction to internet environment, Types of Network, Data Communication, Modes of data transmission, Network topologies, OSI models, different layers, concept of Protocols, U RLS, ISP, Switching, Cookies, Bandwidth, www Browsers, Services, DNS. 20

Unit-III: Privacy and Security in E-commerce: Security methods, Encryption and Authentication, Elements and algorithm of encryption, Digital Signature and its categories, cryptographic algorithms, Encryption Standard, Digital certificates and their uses, Concept of Biometrics technology, Pretty Good Privacy (PG P) and its features, Firewall concept and its benefits. 15

Unit-IV: E-marketing: Concept of online marketing and its advantages, Idea of E-advertising, _Ebranding, Spiral branding, Different marketing strategies, Internet marketing trends; E-customer Relationship Management (CRM)- different issues of E _ CRM. 10

Unit-VI: E-banking: Impact of IT on Bank, functions of ATM, advantages and limitation of ATM, concept of Mobile Banking, Tele Banking, internet Banking, Technique of Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing System (ACS) and its elements. 15

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