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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Business Policy analysis

1.1. Business Policy Analysis
Unit I: Government and business; its interrelationship, Role of the Government as a regulator, promoter, entrepreneur, educator of business ideas; Government’s role in changed environments.

Unit II: Government policies on business-Industrial Policy Resolutions and statement; Industrial Development and Regulation Act 1951; Industrial licensing-Critical analysis; Fiscal and monetary policy.

Unit III: Public ownership of business; Privatization and dis-investment of PSU ,Exit policy.

Unit IV: Foreign trade-policies and plans; Control of foreign trade; Exim policy and other recent export promotional measures.

Unit V: Foreign investment-need and importance; types of foreign investment; its implication on domestic economy; foreign investment policy in India, Technical foreign collaboration.

Unit VI: Multinational companies-their role in host country; Modes of entry of MNCs; Govt. policy towards MNCs; position of MNCs in India; Transnational corporations.

Unit VII: Special package for economic development of north eastern region; DONER and its role in economic development, infrastructure and industry; North East Industrial Policy-promotional measures for cross-border trade, Role of NEC and NEDFI.

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