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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Human Resource Planning and Management

2.9 B Human Resource Planning & Management
Unit I: Basic Human Resource Planning: Macro level scenario of Human Resource Planning, concept and process of Human Resource Planning, Methods and Techniques- Demand and supply forecasting.

Unit II: Job Analysis: concept, scope and limitation, job description. Job specification.

Unit III: Action Areas: issues and experiences, selection and recruitment, induction and placement, performance and potential appraisal, transfer, promotion and reward policies, retrenching, separation, down signing, outplacement, managing diversity, managing compensation, succession planning.

Unit IV: Measurement of Human Resource Planning: Human resource information system, human resource accounting, human resource audit, productive incentive.

Unit V: Human Resource Development: concept, evolution, definition, scope, functions and importance of Human resource scanning, Role of HRM in strategic planning.

Unit VI: Importance of training, preparation of training programme and their implementation, training of operative personnel, executive development programme, career development challenges, self development. Evaluation of training effectiveness.

Unit VII: Promoting work effort, motivation, theories of motivation, incentive schemes, principles of fringes, labor turnover and absenteeism.

Unit VIII: A brief introduction to wage and salary policies and administration Job enlargement and environment, job design, employees moral and industrial productivity, occupational hazard and safety, accident analysis and prevention.

Unit IX: Disciplining and counseling of employees, importance of human relation, concept of industrial relation, present state of industrial relation in India, an idea about trade unionism, industrial disputes- causes and remedial measures, union regulation, collective bargaining, workers. participation in management, labor legislation, cost-benefit concept in HRM. Challenges to HRM.

Unit X: Short case studies in strategic human resource management, corporate culture, HRM planning and industrial relations.

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