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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Basics of Microfinance

4.20 Basics of Microfinance
Unit-I: Concept and principles of microfinance, Basic characteristics, Clients and services, Role of' micro-finance in poverty alleviation and livelihood promotion, Evolution of micro finance, Microfinance in India, Microfinance in north east region.

Unit-II: Microfinance methodology-various international models and best practices in Asian countries and India-Grameen model, SHG-bank linkage model.

Unit-III: Government sponsored programmes involving SHGS, Importance of SHG, formation and operation of SHGs-Income generating activities of SHGs, SHG federation- objectives, benefits and functions.

Unit-IV: Microfinance Institutions (MFIs)-Forms of MFls- Management of group Dynamics- fund management-Credit linkage of SHGs, Rate of interest, Repayment management, Audit, Monitoring risks and delinquency, Restructure of loan.

Unit-V: Innovations in Indian microfinance-micro-insurance-crop, agricultural, health; Micro-pension, Recent innovation by NABARD, Initiatives in Indian microfinance.

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