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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Marketing of Services

4.15 Marketing of Services
Unit I: Introduction to service marketing service-definitions, characteristics, reasons for growth in service sector with special reference to India- Marketing mix for service; marketing segmentation-market information system.

Unit II: Service strategy, market oriented service strategy. Demand variation in service and its management. Determinations of service quality, its management, Dimensions of total quality management; Service triangle; service models. .

Unit III: Service Products: development of a new service, differentiation, service product mix, packaging, branding, strategy for service; approaches to pricing of services- objectives, pricing strategies. Service location and providers, working of a service distribution system.

Unit IV: People in Marketing of services: role of employees, managing customer participation, internal marketing objectives, influence of employee behaviour in service quality. External marketing need, promotional campaign design, word of mouth communication. The service inter-action process, enhancing customer participation.

Unit V: Marketing of Financial Services: Concept-factors governing the customer behavior and psychology- marketing mix of financial services-Marketing of financial services in Indian Environment.

Unit VI: Marketing of Health Services; characteristics of health services; type of health services- product planning and development- segmentation - pricing and promotion strategy in the Indian Environment.

Unit VII: Marketing of tourism: Tourism product, development and management of tourist spot; pricing, strategic tourism promotion, tourism marketing prospects and promotion in North East region.

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