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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Entrepreneurship Management

4.22 Entrepreneurship Management
Unit I: Introduction: definition-nature-scope and importance its relevance in different economic systems- its significance to Indian economy under the new economic order.

Unit II: Setting-up of an entrepreneurial venture
a) Identifying and conceiving opportunities in agriculture, trade, industry, transports, insurance and related service organizations.
b) Converting conceived business opportunities into reality: location, infrastructure facilities, Aid from Government, semi-up of an enterprise on hand (case studies in setting up of as enterprise covering a minimum of five years of initial period).

Unit III: Management of the Venture
a) Stages of development- small, medium and large scale.
b) Management of functional areas viz. production, purchase, Marketing, Finance, Personnel, Finance, at different stages development in terms of planning and control and decision makingmanagement of conflict.
c) Environment facing different kinds of ventures at different stages of developmentgovernmental laws.
d) Self-development of the entrepreneur-self-evaluation of the individual and institution at different stages of enterprise and entrepreneurial growth, motivation for individual and institutional development- training needs of the entrepreneur evaluation of the organization structures.
e) Creativity and Techno-economic innovation for entrepreneurs management of family business-socio-psychological factors influencing entrepreneurship development.

Unit IV: Professional entrepreneurship and professional managers- their role in managing on enterpriseposition in the Indian management scene-agencies promoting entrepreneurial development - role of concessions, subsidies incentives- A technical assistance.

Unit V: Entrepreneurs in India- study of profiles- recent trends- scope use profitability profit-oriented and non-profit oriented organization.

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