Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Economic Legislations

2.6 Economic Legislations
Unit I: Competition Act, 2002
Objective and definitions- Prohibition of certain agreements, abuse of dominant position and regulation of combinations- Competition commission of India: duties, powers and function of commission- Duties of Director General, Penalties- Provisions relating to finance, account and audit- Miscellaneous provisions.
Unit II: Foreign Exchange Management Act. 1999
Objects and definitions- Regulation and management of foreign exchange, Dealings in foreign exchange, holding of foreign exchange etc, current account transactions, capital account transactions, export of goods and services, realization and repatriation of foreign exchange, exemption, authorized person- contravention & penalties- Adjudication & appeal, directorate of enforcement- Miscellaneous provisions.
Unit III: Standards of Weights and Measures Act 1976
Objects, detailed study of the provisions relating to packaged commodities under the Act- Applicable provisions concerning penalties and offences.
Unit IV: Securities and Exchange Board of India Act. 1992
Object, organization and management of SEBl- powers and functions of the board-registration certificate- provisions relating to finance. Accounts and audit- penalties and adjudication- Securities appellate tribunal.
Unit V: The Essential Commodities Act 1955
Object, power of the central government, seizure and confiscation of essential commodities, summary trial.
Unit VI: Law relating to pollution control and environment protection
Sailent features of the Air (prevention and Control of Pollution) Law, Water and Environment (Protection) Law-various Boards and their functions and powers; duties of occupier of specified industries to ensure adherence to standards; offences by companies. Legal and regulatory framework, procedures of obtaining various environments clearances: role and functions of Environment Tribunal Authority.
Unit VII: The Right to Information Act 2005
Preliminary, right to information and obligation of public authority, The Central Information Commission, the State Information Commission, powers and functions of the information Commissions, appeals and penalties.

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