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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Project Management

4.17 Project Management
Unit I: Project Management- Meaning and scope, Need of project management, Life cycle of a project - conception and selection, planning and scheduling, implementation and control, evaluation and termination, (6)

Unit II: Project Analysis and Selection - Identification of investment opportunities, project initiation, Market and Demand Analysis, Technical Analysis, Economic and financial Analysis, Social Cost and Benefit Analysis, Formulation of Detailed project report. (18)

Unit III: Project Planning & Scheduling - Planning Resources, Planning of Physical Resources, Planning of Human Resources, Analysis, Technical Analysis, Economic and Financial Analysis, Social Cost and Benefit Analysis, Formulation of Planning Financial Resources, Project organizing, Planning Time Scales-Network/PERT Analysis. (10)

Unit IV: Implementation and Control- Project Management information System, Monitoring and Reporting -Physical resources, human resources, and financial resources- cost control.

Unit V: Project Completion and Evaluation- Integrated Project Management Control System, managing Transition for project to operation, project completion and evaluation, project review, project termination, (8) .

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