Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Supply Chain Management

4.19 Supply Chain Management
Unit-I: Introduction to Supply Chain Management: Concept, objectives and functions of SCM, SCM strategy, operating model for supply chain, managing internal and external supply chain, Global SCM, EDL Reserve supply chain, value chain and value delivery system for SCM.

Unit-II: Logistics Management: Inbound, internal and outbound logistics in SCM. Developing the logistics organization for effective SCM, developing integrated logistics strategy. 3 PL,4 PL, transportation in supply chain, factor effecting transport selection. Role of handling in SCM.

Unit-III: Sourcing: Sourcing of materials, problems, e-procurement, group purchasing, inventory management in supply chain - role and importance. Inventory policies, JIT, VMI. Inventory as an element of customer service.

Unit-IV: Strategic issues in supply chain: Lean manufacturing, strategic partnerships, alliances and collaborative advantages, best practices and bench marking of supply chain. Modeling and optimization in supply chain.

Unit-V: Retailing and supply chain interface: Retail supply chain management, transportation and inventory in supply chain, channel design and management. Customer focus in supply chain, customer-led business, developing customer service strategy, relationship management with suppliers and customers and employees.

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