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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Organisational Behaviour

2.7 Organizational Behavior
Unit I: Behavior in Organization: Concept-Goals importance different approaches to human behaviour, Organizational Goals: Concept-goal setting-process, individual goal, organizational goals-goal succession-goal displacement-goal distortion-goal compatibility.

Unit II: Personality Development and Theories: different theories and their needs, importance management of sick personality workers- Rationality and its limits.

Unit III: Perception concept-process-application, Learning : concept process-classical conditioning operational conditioning application.

Unit IV: Transactional Analysis: concept-types, transaction proper-life script-strove analysis, game analysis utility development of interpersonal relationship.

Unit V: Organizational Climate: nature of climate-factors affecting OC-impact of OC. influence of culture in organization-management culture.

Unit VI: organizational Effectiveness: effectiveness and efficiency factors affecting OE

Unit VII: Group dynamics: Formal groups-reasons for growth-group structure-group conflict-weaknesses benefits of IFO.

Unit VIII: Management of conflict in Organization: conflict at individual level, group level and organizational level-modes of conflict management.

Unit IX: Controlling and directing organizational behavior-leadership-theories and practices, motivation theories and practices.

Unit X: Stress and behavior: of the general adaptation syndrome, stress responses, basic forms of stress, frustration and anxiety, source of stress, consequences of job stress, stress and jobs, performance, job burnout, coping with stress.

Unit XI: Study of cases relevant to the above chapters.

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