Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Industrial Relations & Labour Laws

3.12 B Industrial Relations & Labour Laws
Unit I: Approaches to industrial relations, Dynamics of Industrial conflict, unfair labour practices and victimization. Industrial work force analysis, size and composition. Problems of Commitment. Trade Unionism. Theories, structure, types and growth, trade union in developing economy.

Unit II: Trade union movement in India, issues in trade unions democratic unionism, problems: size, structure, finance, problem of leadership. Political influence on trade unions. Workers Education. The trade union-rivalry and reorganization. Employers organization. Role of trade union in the changed economic scenario.

Unit III : Management V s. Union, rights, unions and technological changes. Industrial relation system. Role of state in industrial relations. Industrial relations and labour policy since independence. Instruments of economic coerlion, discipline, domestic enquiry grievance procedure and disciplinary action. Principle of natural justice.

Unit IV: Machinery for prevention of industrial disputes. Welfare Officer works committees. Joint Management Council, Ethical Codes.

Unit V: Methods of setting Industrial Disputes. Arbitration Adjudication, Tripartite and Bipartite Machinery.

Unit VI: Collective Bargaining, workers' participation in management. Labour management and cooperation. Industrial relations and related legislations with special reference =to industrial disputes Act. 1947 labour welfare and social security

Unit VII: Lok Adalat as a body to conduct mediation.

Unit VIII: Case studies

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