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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Marketing Policy Analysis

1.3 Marketing Policy Analysis
Unit I: The nature and scope of Marketing: Role of marketing and its functions with special reference to an emerging economy. Modem concept of Marketing. Marketing as a philosophy of management. Relationship of marketing with other functional areas and general management in organization. Analyzing the micro-environment.

Unit II: Product Policies- their importance: new product management- basic requirements for new product success. Developing the new product policies regarding addition, elimination and diversification of product lines. Simplication and standardization. Brand and trade mark. Style and design. Package planning and development.

Unit III: Sales forecasting and planning: Developing and formulating sale plans, setting quantitative and qualitative objective, procedure for determining forecasts, study of seasonal demands, effect of changes in fashion and taste in planning sales programmes and campaign.

Unit IV: Marketing strategies for distribution: planning channels of distribution suitable to various classes of goods and customers appraisal of sales, costs and profit possibilities of each channel distribution of raw materials. The changing face of retail.

Unit V: Role of marketing communication, developing effective communication, identify the target audience. Determine the communication objective. Design the communication strategy developing and managing and advertising programme, sales promotion events and experiences, public relation.

Unit VI: Developing and communication of positioning strategy for creating brand equity. Devising a branding strategy. Branding identity and customer loyalty. Brand image and personality.

Unit VII: Direct marketing; benefits, Direct mail, catalogue marketing telemarketing, interactive marketing, placing ads and promotion on line, E-marketing guidelines, ethical issues, relationship marketing.

Unit VIII: Case studies

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