Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Financial Market

1.5 Financial Markets
Unit I: Nature and Role of Financial System; Financial System and Economic Development, Overview of Indian Financial System. Major Components-Money Market, Capital Market, Forex Market and Derivative Market.

Unit II: Money Market, constituents of money market, participants in money market, money market instruments; Capital Market, Primary Market: Equity and Debt Market, Secondary Market- stock market and trading mechanism, Derivatives and risk management- various types of derivativesforward, futures and options, trading on derivatives.

Unit III: Financial Institutions: Commercial Banks-Functions of modern commercial bank, Development of Commercial Banks in India, structure of commercial banks in India, Role of Commercial banks, Reforms in commercial banking.

Unit IV: Non-banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs)- Role of NBFls , sources of finance, functions and investment policies, Types of NBFIS; Mutual Funds- Concept, types, role of mutual funds in financial market, regulation of mutual funds under SEBI, Credit Rating and Credit Rating Agencies.

Unit V: Regulatory Institutions- Role of Government in Financial markets, Reserve Bank of India; Functions, Role of RBI in regulating financial market, Securities and Exchange Board of India and regulating provisions, Securities (Contract and Regulation)Act 1956.

Unit VI: Foreign Capital flows: forms of foreign capital, uses of foreign capital, international financial instruments, trends of foreign capital inflows in India.

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