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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour

2.10 B Marketing Research & Consumer Behavior
Unit I: Introduction to Marketing Research: Its growth and evolution Nature and scope of marketing and research, interaction between management and marketing research, applications and limitation of marketing research, marketing information system.

Unit II: Marketing Research Management: Importance of research management, qualities of marketing research manager, organization of marketing research deptt.(Organization within the group and outside the group) organization of marketing research function, evaluation and control.

Unit III: Scientific method and the marketing research process: Steps in designing a research, formulating the research problem, research design, source of data, primary and secondary data, sampling design. sampling size, organizing and conducting the field survey; processing and analyzing the collected data, preparing the research report. What is scientific method, scientific method in the physical science and marketing, difficulties in applying the scientific method to marketing.

Unit IV: Data collection, sampling and reporting: Primary data, secondary data, interpretation, analysis, preparation of report and evaluation oral and written reports.

Unit V: Importance of consumer behavior in marketing in management approaches to the study of consumer behavior. Variable influencing consumer behavior Economic variable determining consumption, income, prices and utility. Social influence or consumer behavior, cultural and sub-cultural influences, social classes, social groups, life styles, self-concept, family in consumer behavior.

Unit VI: Psychological, concepts in consumer behavior, learning process perception, cognition mapping, attribution process, motivation an personality, attitude.

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