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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: International Marketing

3.13 B International Marketing
Unit I: Framework of international Marketing: concept, scope its growing importance, factors affecting international marketing; controllable and uncontrollable factors; International Marketing environment: cultural, political, geographical economic and legal requisitions trade clearance (tariff and non tariff behaviors).

Unit II: Market Selection- Market profiling, market segment selection. Market entry strategies: MNCS and World Markets. Market Agreements in Force Free trade zones. Export Finance- EXIM Bank, Institutional Finance for import; IDBI ECGC and export credit insurance.

Unit III: International Marketing decision; International product planning Product design strategy, new product development; branding packaging and labeling. International pricing strategy. Pricing objectives, pricing methods dumping, transfer pricing, retrograde pricing, International Channels of Distribution; International channel system direct exports, indirect exports, marketing environment and distribution strategies, international logistics.
International promotion: determining advertising strategy, communication mix role of export organization, management of sales force.

Unit IV: Organization and Planning International Marketing. New perspectives on organization corporate, networking; dimensions of international planning and strategy. International marketing information system and marketing research.

Unit V: WTO and trade liberalization International Marketing institutions; Central advisory council; Export development councils, commodity boards, Export promotion council, Trade development authority; Trade fair authority, STC, MMTC, lndia's foreign trade and balance of payment position. Export procedure, export incentives and subsidies.

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