Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Financial Services

4.18 Financial Services
Unit I: Evolution and Role of Financial Services in India- NBFCS; Banks, comparison of NBFCs with Banks, service provided.

Unit II: Leasing- concept and classification, advantages and disadvantages of leasing, evolution of Indian Leasing Industry, Leasing and Commercial Banks, Tax implications of Leasing.

Unit III: Hire Purchase- concept and characteristics, calculation of effective interest rate, tax-implication of Hire Purchase.

Unit IV: Consumer Finance- Role of Consumer Credit, Features of Consumer Credit Transactions.

Unit V: Venture capital- nature and scope, Investment process, (types of VC financing) evaluation criteria, limitations, venture capital funds in India.

Unit VI: Insurance-services; Definition- Life Insurance, Marine Insurance, Miscellaneous Insurance.

Unit VII: Miscellaneous financial services, Housing Finance, demat, depository services and stock broking services.

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