Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Research Methodology

3.11 Research Methodology
Unit I: Concept and nature of research, objectives of research, criteria of a good research, social science research, business research, approaches to research-qualitative and quantitative research, types of research- pure and applied research, descriptive and analytical research, exploratory and empirical research, case study research, research and research methodology, difficulties of social science research in India.

Unit II: Research Design- features of a good research design. defining research problem, components of research problem, selection and formulation of research problem; formulation of hypothesis, types of research design research design for experimental, exploratory and descriptive research.

Unit lll: Sampling Design: meaning and significance of sample, sampling process, principles of sampling: essentials of a good sample, methods of sampling: random sampling, stratified sampling, judgment or purposive sampling, double and multistage sampling; determination of sample size.

Unit IV: Data Collection: types of data, methods of collection of primary data, collection secondary data and limitations of secondary data.

Unit V: Data processing, analysis and interpretation: steps in data processing, editing, coding, classification and tabulation, analysis and interpretation of data.

Unit VI: Test of Significance and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): testing of hypothesis, Z-test, chi-squire test and F-test; ANOVA: meaning, basics principles, assumptions, one-way and two-way ANOVA.

Unit VII: Report Writing: Types of report, steps in report writing, format of report, presentation style.

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