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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Strategic Management

4.14 Strategic Management Marks – 80
1. Corporate strategy & Planning: Concept Strategy-organizational purpose and missions- Objective and Goals- Policies-Programme Strategies, Kinds of Strategies- McKinsey 7-S frameworkCorporate Policy & Planning in India-Definition-Characteristics-benefits Why Corporate planning fails.

2. Board of Directors: Role & Function- Responsibility of BOD's- Size, Types and composition of Boards- Boards in Public & Private Sector Enterprises, Enhancing Boards Effectiveness, Top Management- CEO- Role & Functions of top management- Corporate values.

3. SWOT Analysis: Environmental analysis- Constituents and Impacts Assessing the impact of Opportunities Competitive Analysis- Economist's Viewpoint- Marketing Viewpoint- Porter's Framework- Competitor. Analysis- Strategy-Performance Strengths & Weaknesses- Reaction; internal Corporate Analysis- Criteria for determining & measuring Strengths & Weaknesses- Identifying Strengths & Weakness- Concept of Synergy.

4. Strategic Analysis: Cost Dynamics- Cost levels in, India-Causes & Effects of High Cost in India- Break-Even. Analysis Sensitivity Analysis-portfolio Display Matrics- Boston Consulting Group‘s Growth Share Matrix; McKinsey Matrix- Artur D. Little Company's matrix; Operating & Financial, Analysis- Techniques of strategic Financial Analysis- Financial Ratios, Return on Sales & Investment.

5. Strategic Choices: Strategic alternatives- classification- selection; Diversification- Types-Related & Unrelated- Integration-synergy; diversifications vs. Expansion- Mergers & acquisitions- Merger Motivations- screening process- Valuation for Mergers & Acquisitions- Merger policies.

6. Implementation & evaluation of Strategy: Resource Allocation-Organisation structure- Leadership-Communication of strategy-evaluation of strategy- evaluation & control process- key variables-performance standards Analysis & follow up action for control-problems of control Systems, turnaround strategies.

7. Case Studies: What is case? - Objective of Case Method-Benefits Analytical Tools- SWOT Analysis-Ratio analysis- Portfolio Analysis-Strategic Audit-Guide for Case Preparation.

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