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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

2.10. A Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
Unit I: Investment: concept of investment, investment objectives, security and non-security form of` investment, concept of portfolio management, phases of portfolio management; risk and return, types of risk measurement of risk.

Unit II: Securities market: securities market and their functions, methods of raising capital, stock market in India, security market Indices- purpose, factors influencing construction of index, methods of constructing index.

Unit III: Analysis of equity investment: economic analysis, industry and company analysis, technical analysis, efficient market hypothesis.

Unit IV: Portfolio Analysis: meaning, portfolio risk and return, mark with risk-return optimization, single index model, Sharpe index model, portfolio data, efficient frontier; portfolio selection- risk and investor preference, capital asset pricing model.

Unit V: Portfolio Revision: meaning, significance and strategies; portfolio evaluation meaning, performance measurement of portfolios, Sharpe‘s, Treynor's and Jensens's measure of portfolio performance.

Unit VI: Derivative: meaning and evaluation of derivatives, options, futures, portfolio management using futures and options.

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