Gauhati University - M.Com Distance Syllabus: International Financial Management

3.12 A International Financial Management
Unit I: International Finance- Importance, Finance Function in Multinational Firm, Trends in International Trade and Cross- border Financial Flows, Gains from international trade and investment, Balance of Payments. Currency convertibility, concept of revenue account and capital account convertibility.

Unit II: International Monetary System. Exchange Rate Regimes, International Monetary Fund, European Monetary System, European Monetary Union, World Bank.

Unit III: International Finance Markets-Euro-markets Institutions.

Unit IV: Foreign Exchange Market, Structure of Foreign Exchange Markets and participants, Type of Transactions, Mechanism of Currency Dealing. Exchange Rate Quotations, Arbitrage, Forward Rates. Foreign Exchange Market in India.

Unit V: Exchange Rate Theories: Purchasing Power Parity Theory, Interest Rate Parity, future spot exchange rate, methods of forecasting exchanges rates.

Unit VI: Nature and measurement of exposure and risk- defining foreign exchange exposure, transactions exposure, translation exposure, operating exposure, hedging strategies.

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