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Friday, January 11, 2019

Dibrugarh University Arts Question Papers:COMPUTER SKILL – II (A) (For B.Sc. General Programme) (May)'-2017

(For B.Sc. General Programme)
Course: 401
[C and Shell Programming Basics]
Full marks: 48
Pass Marks: 19/14
Time: 2 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer the following:                                               1x6=6
a)      What is kernel?
b)      Write the access mode of file.
c)       What is preprocessor directive?
d)      What is function?
e)      What is structure?
f)       What is pointer?
2. Answer the following:                                               2x6=12
a)      Write the rule of integer constant.
b)      Write the rule of any one loop statement.
c)       Write two functions available in <stringh.h>.
d)      What is array? Write the syntax of single-dimensional array.
e)      What is the difference between getc and putc functions in a file?
f)       Write basic input statement. Write syntax of the statement.
3. Answer any five from the following:                   6x5=30
a)      Write a shell script to display odd and even numbers between 1 to 50.
b)      Write a C program to find positive and negative numbers of an array.
c)       Write a C programme, enter 5 positive digits integer enter through keyboard, write a function to calculate sum of digits of the 5-digit number using recursion.
d)      Write a program to delete all vowels from a sentence. Assume that the sentence is not more than 80 characters long.
e)      Write a C program to create a structure to specify data on students given below:
Roll No.,   Name,   Department,  Course,  Year of joining.
f)       Write a C program enters strings from keyboard and write them to a file.
g)      Write a C program to find the sum of diagonal elements of 3 x 36 matrix.
h)      Write a C program to find the greatest number of an array.


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