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Friday, January 04, 2019

Dibrugarh University Arts Question Papers:ENGLISH ' (May)-2014

Course: 201
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
(Short Stories)

1. What is Behrman’s masterpiece? Describe how the masterpiece of Behrman saved the life of Johnsy. 2+8
Describe the friendship between Sue and Johnsy. How did Sue take care of Johnsy when she fell sick? 6+4
2. Present a character-sketch of Nambi, the storyteller, in R. K. Narayan’s short story. Under the Banyan Tree. 10
Narrate in your own words the circumstance when Nambi faltered to tell a story. How did he pass the remaining part of his life after he ceased to be a storyteller? 6+4
3. Describe how Seth got the stamp of approval on his travel papers to visit Lhasa. 10
What is the Chinese attitude to foreigners as described by Vikram Seth in the story, An Indian in China? 10
4. Answer any three of the following: 2x3=6
  1. How has pneumonia been presented in the story, The Last Leaf?
  2. What did Johnsy relate the falling of the leaves from the ivy vine to?
  3. How does Nambi signal to the villagers that he has a story to tell?
  4. Why would the heart of a rural reformer sink looking at the village of Somal?
  5. What did Seth think of the ‘wooden pipe’ to be and what was its real function?
5. Give very short answers to any four of the following: 1x4=4
  1. An Indian in China is an extract from which book of Vikram Seth?
  2. What is the real name of O. Henry?
  3. The short story, The Last Leaf is taken from which collection of O. Henry?
  4. What is the population of the village Somal?
  5. What is the name of the young officer who endorses travel passes at the General Police Station?
  6. What was Nambi’s home?

6. Describe in detail Elwin’s experiences at Dirang. 10
Give an account of the Tawang Monastery.
7. What opinion does Orwell have on Gandhi’s pacifism? Why does he say that “Applied to foreign politics, pacifism either stops being pacifist or becomes appeasement”? 4+6
What are the strict disciplines Gandhi imposes on himself and what does Orwell think of them? 6+4
8. Give a brief account of the early theories of Copernicus, Kepler and Newton regarding the motion of planets.    10
Discuss Hawking’s evaluation of the attitudinal difference to the structure of the universe before and after twentieth century. 10
9. Answer any three of the following: 2x3=6
  1. What is thutotdam dance?
  2. What solution did Gandhi offer to the Jew problem of Germany?
  3. What is Newton’s Principia Mathematica about?
  4. Why could stars not remain essentially motionless?
  5. Why did the British consider Gandhi as ‘our man’?
  6. What were the two occasions that Tawang came into world news?
10. Give very short answers to any four of the following: 1x4=4
  1. What does NEFA stand for?
  2. What is the name of the Political Officer who escorted Elwin from Bomdi La?
  3. What is the real name of George Orwell?
  4. Who has translated into English the autobiography of Gandhi My Experiments with Truth?
  5. Out Picture of the Universe is an extract from which book of Stephen Hawking?
  6. In which book did Aristotle put forward the argument that the earth was a found sphere rather than a flat plate?


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