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Friday, January 04, 2019

Dibrugarh University Arts Question Papers: ALTERNATIVE ENGLISH (Arts) ' (November)-2013

Course: 101
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Choose the correct option to fill in the blanks/Answer the following (any eight): 1x8=8
  1. When to the sessions of sweet silent thought I ____ up remembrance of things past,
  1. Bring.
  2. Summon.
  3. Call.
  1. To serve therewith my Maker, and present My True ____, lest he returning chide
  1. Account.
  2. Life.
  3. Belief.
  1. A voice so ____ ne’er was heard In spring time from the Cuckoo-bird,
  1. Beautiful.
  2. Sweet.
  3. Thrilling.
  1. What does the poet celebrate in the poem, Song of Myself?
  2. At what age did the River Merchant’s Wife get married?
  3. Dress in saris, be girl
Be wide, they said. Be embroiderer, be cook
Be a quarreler with servants, Fit in.
Which poem have these lines been taken from?
  1. “Which is why I reckon I does
have to work after all”
Name the poet who composed these lines.
  1. He fathers-forth whose ____ is past change:
Praise him.
  1. Feature.
  2. Face.
  3. Beauty.
  1. Now and in time to be,
Wherever green is worn,
Are changed, changed utterly:
A ____ beauty is born.
  1. Wonderful.
  2. Terrible.
  3. Sweet.
  1. Once upon a time a frog
____ away in Bingle Bog.
  1. Swam.
  2. Sang.
  3. Croaked.
Answer any one question from each Unit: 15x4=60
UNIT – 1
2. (a) Discuss the ideas of love, time and death that you find in the sonnets of Shakespeare with reference to the poem in your syllabus.
(b) Write the substance of Milton’s poem, On His Blindness. How are Milton’s doubts removed by personified patience, which reassures him of God’s forgiveness?
(c) Is the poem, The Solitary Reaper based on the poet’s personal experience? How does the poet portray the image of the girl singing a ‘melancholy strain’? Elaborate.
UNIT – 2
3. (a) Do you think Pied Beauty is a religious sonnet? If so, why? Discuss.
(b) What is the background of Yeats’ Easter 1916? What was the attitude of the poet towards the Irish nationalists before the Ester 1916 Rebellion? Why did Yeats’ initial attitude change towards the rebels?
(c) Attempt a critical appreciation of the poem, Hawk Roosting.
UNIT – 3
4. (a) “Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself is a combination of biography, sermon and poetic meditations.” Comment.
(b) Examine The River Merchant’s Wife as a poem depicting the psychological growth of the protagonist through a series of images, in a dignified and formal tone.
(c) Comment on the portrayal of the sufferings and aspirations of the African-American man in Langston Hughes’ poetry, prescribed for your study.
UNIT – 4
5. (a) Show how in the poem, Breaded Fish, Ramanujan turns the memory of a movement of horror into a disturbingly vivid poem.
(b) “Through her bold and ruthlessly honest poetry, Kamala Das attacks conventional social norms and attitudes that circumscribe women.” Elucidate.
(c) Write a critical appreciation of Vikram Seth’s poem, The Frog and the Nightingale.
6. Explain, with reference to the context, any three of the following: 4x3=12
  1. “And that one talent which is death to hide,
Lodged with me useless, though my soul
more bent
To serve therewith my Maker, …”

  1. “And we went on living in the village
of Chokan:
Two small people, without dislike
or suspicion.”

  1. “…. I headed
for the shore, my heart beating in
my mouth.”

  1. “The convenience of the high trees!
The air’s buoyancy and the sun’s ray
Are of advantage to me;”

  1. “I have no joys which are not yours, no
Aches which are not yours. I too call
myself I.”


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