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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Dibrugarh University Arts Question Papers:EDUCATION (Major) (History of Indian Education up to 1947)' (May)-2015

Course: 401
(History of Indian Education up to 1947)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. (a) Fill in the blanks: 1x4=4
  1. The initiation ceremony of education in the Buddhist period was known as ____.
  2. The Charter Act of 1813 provided a sum of rupees ____ annually for education in India.
  3. The East India Company came to India in the year ____.
  4. Simon Commission was appointed in the year ____.
(b) Answer in one word each: 1x4=4
  1. What is the name of higher institution of the Muslim education?
  2. Who was the Chairman of the Calcutta University Commission of 1917?
  3. In which year was the Hartog Committee appointed?
  4. In which year did the great revolt of India take place?
2. Write short notes on the following: 4x5=20
  1. Characteristics of Muslim Education.
  2. Lord Bentinck’s Educational Policy.
  3. Rise of Nationalism in India.
  4. Government of India Act of 1921.
  5. Hartog Committee Report.
3. Write a briefly the main characteristics and curriculum of Vedic system of education. 5+5=10
Discuss briefly the curriculum and method of teaching of Buddhist education. 5+5=10
4. What were the recommendations of Wood’s Despatch of 1854? Write briefly on the implementation of the recommendations. 7+4=11
What is meant by the Anglicist-Classicist controversy? How was Lord Macaulay’s Minute instrumental in brining the Anglicist-Classicist controversy to an end? 6+5=11
5. What were the main recommendations of Hunter Commission of 1882 on primary education? What was its impact on Indian education? 7+4=11
6. Discuss the recommendations of the Indian University Commission of 1902 and its impact on Indian Education. 7+3=10
What were the important features of Gokhale’s Bill of 1911? What were the causes of rejection of Gokhale’s Bill? 6+4=10
7. Write the main suggestions of Wardha Scheme of Basic Education. What were the causes of the failure of Basic Education? 6+4=10


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