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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Dibrugarh University Arts Question Papers:COMMUNICATION SKILLS (Arts)' (November)-2013

Course: 301
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
(Essay Writing)

1. Answer any one of the following:
  1. What is a ‘topic sentence’? How can cohesion be achieved in a paragraph? 2+3=5
  2. Write a paragraph on ‘Why cigarette smoking should be made  illegal’? 5
2. Write an essay on any one of the following topics: 10
  1. Friendship.
  2. Physical fitness.
  3. Corruption.
(Conversational English)
3. Supply the missing utterances to complete the following dialogue: 5
Manoj: You know I am fascinated by music. I would certainly like to make a career out of it.
Manoj: So you don’t believe I can make a career out of it.
Manoj: But do you think I will surely get a job if I concentrate on my studies?
Ramesh: No one can guarantee anything.
Ramesh: I think you are just carried away by your dreams!
4. Write a dialogue on any one of the situations given below: 10
  1. You have shifted to the college hostel recently and your mother wants to know if you are happy with the accommodation. She asks you about the food, your room, your roommate, etc. You tell her that the food is good but the room is not big enough. Your mother asks you to adjust and concentrate on your studies.
  2. Your college is taking students on a sightseeing tour and you want to be a part of it. You seek your father’s permission but he is reluctant to permit you to join the tour as he thinks it will hamper your studies. You promise to work very hard and plead for permission. Your father wants to know how many students and teachers are joining the tour, how they plan to travel, what would be the expenses, etc. You give him the details and your father finally grants you the permission.
[Each person must have at least five turns of dialogue]
5. Read the situations given below and write two sentences in response to any five of them: 2x5=10
  1. Your friend invites you for lunch but you cannot accept the invitation as you are busy.
  2. You accidently step on someone’s foot in a crowded bus.
  3. Your fiend is sad and you have to cheer her up.
  4. You are the secretary of the Youth Club and have to persuade a friend to join the club.
  5. You are taking part in a discussion on films and have to express your views on violence in films.
  6. A friend tells you that your short story has won the first prize.
(Common Mistakes in English)
6. Correct the following sentences: 1x5=5
  1. He insisted to go.
  2. The meat is hard.
  3. He came yesterday night.
  4. I have taken my meal.
  5. I shall take your leave.
7. Complete the following passage by filling in the blanks with the appropriate form of verbs given in the brackets:    1 ½ x10=5
At about 11 o’clock on Tuesday morning, my mother, my little brother Eddy and I were shopping at a mall. Mum __ (want) to buy a birthday present for Dad and she ___ (ask) me to help her. While Mum ___ (admire) some silk shirts in the store, Eddy and I ___ (choose) a birthday card. Mum strolled up to us and ___ (show) us the shirt she liked. Mum and I ___ (discuss) the price when we suddenly realised Eddy was not with us. My heart ___ (pound) with fear while we were hunting for Eddy. Just then I heard an announcement. Someone had come across a boy who ___ (seem) lost. I ran to the information counter and ___ (see) Eddy there. I ___ (hug) him and took him back to Mum.
8. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions: 1x5=5
  1. Please don’t lean ____ the wall.
  2. She poured the soup ____ a large bowl.
  3. He was convicted ____ theft.
  4. He is lame ____ one leg.
  5. We usually work ____ 6 p.m.

9. Fill in the blanks with the correct alternatives: 1x5=5
  1. The prisoner escaped from the ____.
  1. India is rich in iron ____.
  1. ____ the seeds carefully.
  1. He gave me ____ for the night.
  1. I have told the secret to my ____.

(Grammar in Communication)
10. Give synonyms for any five of the following words: 1x5=5
Amiable, thief, difficult, help, respect, famous, amaze, dangerous
11. Give one-word substitutes for any five of the following: 1x5=5
  1. A cure for all diseases.
  2. One who collects postage stamps?
  3. One who is fluent in two languages?
  4. A person in charge of a museum.
  5. A man whose wife is dead.
  6. One who does not believe in the existence of God?
  7. The study of birds.
12. Use the following idioms in sentences: 1x5=5
Hue and cry; a narrow escape; ins and outs; scot free; hard and fast
13. Rearrange the jumbled words to form correct sentences: 1x5=5
  1. Beautifully did Kate last more now paints she than year.
  2. Brother Derek fluently his less Mandarin speaks than.
  3. All among band bands best our performed school the.
  4. At arrived earlier Peter stadium the than us.
  5. At butler room softens temperature.


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