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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Dibrugarh University Arts Question Papers:ENGLISH (Arts)' (November)-2012

Course: 301

Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
A: Poetry
1. Answer any four of the following (two each from Unit – I and Unit – II): 9x4=36
(a) (i) Give your impressions of the young girl as seen in We are Seven. How does she endear herself to her brothers and sisters?
(ii) What are the two opposing points of view presented by the farmers in the poem, Mending Wall? How does nature corroborate in this regard?
(iii) In the poem, A Very Indian Poem in Indian English, the poet looks at the world around him through the eyes of a typical middle-class India. Comment on this statement and the structure of the language.
(b) (i) The poem, Ballad of the Landlord presents the plight of the African American man in America. Discuss.
(ii) In the poem, The Wife’s Tale, why does the farmer’s wife feel herself shutout of her husband’s world?
(iii) Describe, after Grace Nichols, the new situation faced by a migrant in an alien land. How does she slowly adopt the alien land as her own?
(iv) The poem, The River, depicts the colonial history of the West Indies. Comment on the above statement.
2. Answer, in short, any three of the following: [taking at least one from (a) and (b) each]: 3x3=9
(a) (i) How does the little girl view life and death in the poem, We are Seven?
(ii) How does nature remind man of the undesirability of the wall in the poem, Mending Wall?
(iii) “When a man dies bravely
At one with his destiny, that soil
is his”
Comments on the significance of the above line are stated in the poem, To the Indian Who Died in Africa.

(b) (i) What is the cause of the quarrel between the tenant and the landlord in the poem, Ballad of Landlord?
(ii) “But they still kept their case
Spread put, unbuttoned,
Grateful, under the trees”
Critically analyze the above lines in the poem, The Wife’s Tale.
(iii) “Wherever I hand me knickers
-that’s my home.”
Bring out the significance of the above line in the poem, Wherever I Hang.
3. Answer any five of the following questions in brief: 1x5=5
  1. In the poem, We are Seven, how old is the little cottage girl?
  2. “He will not go behind his
Father’s saying.”
What was his ‘father’s saying’ as stated in the poem, Mending Wall?
  1. What is meant by the ‘hour of conversation’ as referred to in the poem, To the Indians Who Died in Africa?
  2. Who wrote the poem, A Very Indian Poem in Indian English?
  3. For how many days was the African-American tenant sentenced to prison, as mentioned in Hughes’ poem, Ballad of the Landlord?
  4. “Always this inspection has to be made.”
Did the speaker in The Wife’s Tale know what had she to inspect?
  1. “I begin to change my calypso ways.” What calypso is as mentioned in the poem, Wherever I Hang?
  2. What does the name Koening mean?
B: One-Act Play
4. Answer the following in brief: 1x3=3
  1. Who wrote the play, A Marriage Proposal?
  2. “Now the domestic joys have begun.” Who said this?
  3. “Your housekeeper wears the trousers in your shoes.”
Give the meaning of the expression.
5. Answer, in short, any two of the following: 3x2=6
  1. Give Lamov’s reason for wanting to marry Natalia.
  2. What do you understand by the term ‘one-act play’?
  3. If a person meditates too much, or hesitates, or talks about it, waits for an ideal of true love, he never gets it. Who made this observation? What did the speaker mean?
6. (a) Answer any one of the following: 14
  1. “In the play, A Marriage Proposal, the stress is on character types in everyday setting.”
  2. Write a note on the element of humour in the character and situation in the play, A Marriage Proposal.
  3. “Economics influences and moulds human relationships.”
Discuss in the light of your reading of A Marriage Proposal.
(b) Answer any one of the following: 7

  1. Draw a character sketch of either Lamov or Natalia.
  2. Describe Lamov’s first meeting with Natalia.

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