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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers: Human Resource Planning & Development (May-June’ 2017)

Gauhati University Question Papers
Human Resource Planning & Development (May-June’ 2017)
Full Marks: 80
Time Allowed: 3 hours
Answer either in English or Assamese
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer the following as directed:                                      
(a) Fill in the blanks with suitable answers:                           1x5=5
1)      At the _____ level, HRD makes individual employees aware of the expectations other persons have about their roles in the organisation.                  
2)      Restricting ratings to the middle points of the scale in performance appraisal is called _____ error.
3)      _____ recommends solutions for quality and productivity problems which can be implemented by management.
4)      When a transfer is made to avoid misuse of office or of funds by employees, it is known as _____ transfer.
5)      _____ Implies critical examination and evaluation of human resource policies, programmes and procedures.
(b) State whether the following statements are True or False:                                    1x5=5
1)      Human resource Planning only meets the short-term human resource requirements.
2)      Audio visual aids are used in training to enhance the efficacy of training process.
3)      Absence of computer literacy to operate the system is a major advantage of HRIS.

4)      Career planning is the process of aligning the career needs of the employees with the organisational career opportunities.
5)      Lack of promotional policy is an employer oriented avoidable cause of labour turnover.
2. Write very short answer to the following:                                        2x5=10
a)      What is succession ‘planning’?
b)      Point out any two qualities of HRD manager.
c)       State the significance of potential appraisal.
d)      Give two limitations of human resource accounting.
e)      State the nature of human resource planning.
3. Write short answers to any four of the following (within 150 words each):                       5x4=20
a)      Write short notes on VRS.
b)      Bring out the significance of career planning.
c)       Differentiate between human resource management and human resource development.
d)      What are the Advantages of outsourcing?
e)      State the importance of human resource information system.
f)       What is the role of HR personnel in downsizing?
4. State the concept of training. How can training needs of employees in an organisation be identified? 2+8=10
Define executive development. Discuss any two methods of executive development highlighting their merits and demerits.                            2+8=10
5. Describe the methods for valuation of human resource.                           10
Explain the techniques that can be used for human resource audit.     10
6. Define the terms: job analysis, job description and job specification and also discuss the relationship among them.  10
Discuss demand forecasting for human resources emphasizing on the techniques employed in such forecasting.       10
7. State the differences between promotion and transfer. Discuss the different bases of promotion along with their limitations.                                          4+6=10
What are the objectives of performance appraisal? Discuss in details any three methods in evaluating employee performance in an organisation.                                               4+6=10

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