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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers: Communicative and Functional English - I (May-June’ 2013)

Gauhati University Question Papers
Communicative and Functional English – I (May-June’ 2013)
Full Marks: 80
Time Allowed: 3 hours
Answer either in English or Assamese
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Choose whether ‘true’ of ‘false’:                                         1x10=10

a)      The survival and success of an organisation has no relation with the communication system that it uses.
b)      Noise cannot affect communication.
c)       In any form of communication, too much information is as bad as too little.
d)      Perception may pose as a barrier to communication.
e)      Language use plays a major role in ethical communication.
f)       Working in terms unleashes vast amount of creativity.
g)      The goal of a critical listener is only to criticize.
h)      Voice carries both intentional and unintentional messages.
i)        A handshake needs to match one’s personality and intention for effective communication.
j)        Market globalisations and multicultural workforce have left intercultural communication unaffected.
2. Answer the following questions:                          2x5=10
a)      Mention two features of communication.
b)      What is Verbal Communication?
c)       What is an ‘Invoice’?
d)      Name one Model of communication and highlight the principle on which it is based.
e)      ‘Today, companies are using the Ombudsperson for promoting upward communication’ Explain very briefly.
3. Answer any four out of a, b, c, d, e and f.                         5x4=20
a)      Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions:                         1x5=5
1)      Hard work is indispensable _____ success in life.
2)      He is a clever man, but diffident _____ his powers.
3)      He has no special liking _____ Mathematics.
4)      Deepak Bhartia had declared assets _____ Rs. 603 crore.
5)      His views do not accord _____ mine.
b)      Fill in the blanks with correct tense of the verbs in brackets:                                1x5=5
1)      The earth _____ round the sun. (move)
2)      He _____ here for the last five years. (work)
3)      The town _____ its appearance since 2010. (change)
4)      The train _____ before we reach the station. (leave)
5)      My uncle _____ tomorrow. (arrive)
c)       Change the voice of the following:                   1x5=5
1)      Manners reveal character.
2)      I was kept waiting.
3)      We expect good news.
4)      The manager will give you the ticket.
5)      By whom were you taught French?
d)      Correct the common errors in the following:                               1x5=5
1)      We dispensed his services.
2)      I regret at the delay.
3)      It was not long until he came.
4)      He died at thirty years old.
5)      He is a man whom I know is honest.
e)      Rewrite the sentences as directed:                                 1x5=5
1)      That was not an example to be followed. (Turn into an Interrogative sentence)
2)      What though the field be lost? (Change into a Assertive sentence)
3)      Brutus loved Caesar. (Change into an Affirmative sentence)
4)      Only Indians are allowed. (Change into a Complex sentence)
f)       When he saw the danger, he paused. (Change into a Compound sentence)
g)      Make sentences to illustrate the use of any five of the following phrases:                    1x5=5
In black and white, in the air, took heart, in character, at sea, stood his ground, take into account.
4. (a) Answer any two of the following:                                                 10x2=20
1)                  Differentiate between ‘Nominal group technique’, and ‘Delphi technique’.
Differentiate between ‘Primary Audience’ and ‘Secondary Audience’.
2)      Discuss ‘Non-Verbal’ communication.
3)      Discuss the effective communicative skills needed in a business organisation.
4)      Discuss ‘Formal Communication’.
(b) Answer any two of the following:                                      10x2=20
1)      Write a letter of enquiry to a manufacturer of batteries seeking information about the different kinds of product so that a decision may be taken for placing an order.
2)      You are a senior executive of a bank. Write a goodwill letter to a person thanking him for opening his account in your bank, and promising to offer a host of services.
3)      You are the Managing Director of ‘Bharat Oil Products Ltd. Mumbai. Write a memorandum requesting departmental reports.
4)      You’re the Research Officer, ‘The Grand International’ a chain of five star hotels. Write a report to the Managing Director about your findings on the prospect of possible expansion of the chain of Guwahati, Assam India.


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