Gauhati University Question Papers: Environmental Studies (For B.A. & B.Sc.) (NOV-DEC’ 2012)

Gauhati University Question Papers
Environmental Studies (NOV-DEC’ 2012)
(For B.A. & B.Sc.)
Full Marks: 40
Time Allowed: 2 hours
Answer either in English or Assamese
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. What are the threats to biodiversity? Discuss briefly in the context of India. Give your suggestions for the conservation of biodiversity.                                       10

What do yu mean by water quality? How do you access it? Discuss the causes of deterioration of surface and groundwater quality.
2. What do you mean by modern agriculture system? Briefly discuss the need, prospects and problems of modern agriculture system from socioeconomic and environmental points of views.                                        10
Give an account of the sources of energy. How do you classify them? Write their advantages and disadvantages from both economic and environmental points of views.
3. (a) Fill in the blanks:                                   2
1)                  Organisms that synthesize their own food are called _____.
2)                  On the basis of _____ characteristics, the atmosphere is stratified into four layers.
(b) Express in one word:                           2
1)                  A biological community along with their physical environment exchanging matter and energy.
2)                  The crust and the uppermost solid mantle of the earth.
(c) Illustrate the following terms with suitable examples:                          2x3=6
1)         Ecological pyramid.
2)         Ecological succession.
3)         Biodiversity hot spots.
4. Write notes on any two of the following:                         5x2=10
a)         Structure and function of an ecosystem.
b)         Values of biodiversity.


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