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Monday, February 18, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers: Environmental Studies (NOV-DEC’ 2014)

Gauhati University Question Papers
Environmental Studies (NOV-DEC’ 2014)
Full Marks: 75
Time Allowed: 3 hours
Answer either in English or Assamese
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. (a) Express in one word/term:                                              1x4=4

1)         The book where the list of endangered species of plants and animals are included.
2)         The technique of removal of impurities from low-grade ores by suitable bacteria.
3)         The process of increase in the concentration of a toxic substance passing from one trophic level to the next higher trophic level in an ecosystem.
4)         The inherent property of all living systems to resist change.
(b) Illustrate the following terms (any three):                                                 2x3=6
1)         Eutrofication.
2)         Evergreen forest.
3)         Renewable energy.
4)         In situ conservation.
2. Write about the importance of environmental studies. Describe the needs of public awareness for conservation of the environment.                                                    5+5=10
Describe the structure of an aquatic ecosystem. Write briefly on the ecological services provided by a wetland ecosystem.                                         6+4=10
3. (a) What is biodiversity? What are the major threats to biodiversity?                                  1+4=5
Write briefly about different projects implemented in India for conservation of certain important animals.                    5
(b) Discuss briefly on the mineral resources of N.E. India.          5
Discuss the role of an individual in conservation of natural resources.
4. Write short notes on any two from the following:                                        5x2=10
a)         Deforestation and its consequences.
b)         Ecological succession.
c)          Man and animal conflict.


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